Discusses how Software Broker is setting innovative standards in the Sofwtare second-hand market.

Maximum transparency for greater trust in used software


„Customers want to be sure that the rights to use are transferred outright,
that we are a dealer of high integrity and that the delivery chain is extensively secured.“

Christian Maaßen
Managing Director of Software Broker


In 2020 we cooperated with a renowned auditing firm to develop an innovative verification scheme that works on the assumption of maximum transparency of the company to be examined. We are the only supplier of used software that allows itself to be audited to this extent.

We successfully passed the audit again this year, confirming to our customers that they can rely on seamless documentation chains and security when purchasing used software by Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

Prerequisites for dealing in used software:
The European Court of Justice decreed in 2012 that trading in used software is legal. However, there are several requirements to be met. We highly value customer-oriented action and perform every software transfer transparently, professionally and in a legally sound manner.


„The market for used software demands a certain standard of security for the purchasers. Especially since competitors have tarnished the potential buyers’ trust in used software in the past.“
Christian Maaßen
Managing Director of Software Broker

The audit:
Every year an independent auditing firm certifies that the software sold by Software Broker is the original product. The audit successively validates and verifies every one of the company’s transactions, meaning all purchases and sales. This ensures that, at the item level, only exactly as many licences are sold as were purchased.

The auditing firm certifies the complete chain of rights for each sale of used software by Software Broker. It confirms that the documentation is complete and that the licence meets the market requirements with legal certainty:


„In the purchase and sales examination of Software-Broker for the calendar year 2021, all review points were fulfilled without deviation.
Transparent documentation chains were demonstrated throughout the entire audit period, due to the solid systemic support of the processes.
The detailed documentation of the respective transaction covers the eligibility requirements and ensures the necessary transparency for each end customer.

As a result, the established processes ensured that, the existing stock covered the sales volume of the respective transaction over the period of examination.“
Independent auditing firm


Software Broker customers benefit from the guarantee that they purchased a proprietarily sound licence with unlimited validity. Software Broker hands over all original contracts, certificates and other documents, ensuring that customers can rely on the same transparency as the original purchasers.

Companies wishing to sell their software and contracts with volume licences in a legally sound manner benefit from the certificate as well.

About Software Broker:
Save money with used licences without sacrificing the usual range of functions or legal security. We buy and sell used original software from renowned vendors, such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM – gladly in larger numbers.

✔️ Immediate availability

✔️ 50 – 70 % savings compared to new software licences

✔️ 100% legally compliant and certified

✔️ Exactly the same quality as new software

✔️ Audit-proof

Use your IT budget effectively – with used software licences from Software Broker!


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